Re: Santa Fe Accurail kits

Frederick Freitas <prrinvt@...>


A quick look makes me think the spacing of the top rib placement is different on each car. A standard vs non-standard design ????

Fred Freitas

David North <davenorth@...> wrote:

ATSF rostered 70 ton 3 bays from at least 3 makers. Some of the classes were

GA-43, GA-73 & GA-86 from ACF

GA-77 & GA-81 from PSCM

GA-100 & GA-109 & GA-121 from GAT

Is the Accurail 3 bay hopper a match for any of these?

I haven't seen one of these in the flesh. Only the pic on their website

I actually thought the Stewart 70ton 3 bay was good for one/some of these.

Now I'm wondering if these two models represent the same car.

Or perhaps more correctly if the ACF, PSCM and GAT cars are of identical or
similar design?



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