Re: Santa Fe Accurail kits

David North <davenorth@...>

I don't have good photos of these classes either, but it's clear from the
diagrams in the Santa Fe Freight Car Folio that they were
essentially the same as the other postwar Santa Fe three bay hoppers.
Richard Hendrickson

Richard and Ed,

The only pic I have of the earlier classes is a rather dark one of a GA-43
from one of the Cyclopedias, IIRC.

I have a photo of a GA-81 #184134, but it has had the side plated between
the bolsters, and they plated over the short ribs at the top.

The photos I have of GA-86 #78910 and GA-100 #79600 show the very slight
fishbelly sill you mentioned, Ed. I hadn't noticed this before you pointed
it out.

I think these are photocopies from RMJ articles?

The photo of GA-121 #78331? Which is plated also has the very slight
fishbelly. This lot of 150 cars came from Greenville in 1960.

From what I can see the top rib placement appears to be similar on the
photos I have, which is at odds with Fred's thoughts, if we are talking
about the spacing between the ribs.

Does anyone know what service these open hoppers cars were in?

I know that the GA-141s (GA-100s with trough hatch roofs installed) were
used in Duvall Potash Service, but these mods took place in 1964, beyond the
era covered by this list.



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