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It worked reasonable well, but I want to find some corrugated material of
slightly larger dimension (wider spacing) and made of something other than
styrene (metal), so I can do a better job of them. The only reason I did
what I did was expediency, and the styrene rod is easy to glue on (start in
the middle and work toward each end, holding gently in place and gluing as
you go; cut off excess), and shouldn't come off (which is a problem for me
for numerous reasons).

Oh, and while I don't want to change the "thread" name, the P&WV spelled
Pittsburgh the way the city has for these many years, and not like the
Pittsburg & Shawmut did.

Now, who is going to do a decent alternate standard twin offset hopper for
us? Arrgghhh.

Elden Gatwood


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I've often thought that a "strip" from a window screen or smaller mesh
might work for the tie downs. Haven't tried it yet, but........ Your idea
sounds like it works pretty well.

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