Re: Buyer Beware: InterMountain Milwaukee Road Rib-Side Box Car

lnbill <bwelch@...>

Was this car actually cut/tooled by IM or are they using dies cut by
someone else? Seems like I have been hearing about some things like
this car, B&O Wagon, etc top that have been around for a couple of
years that were cut by someone with no production outlet/capacity.

Hope I am not starting another rumor, but only continuing one.

Bill Welch

Bill Welch

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STMFC Discussion Group,
In case any STMFC members were considering buying any of the new
Milwaukee Road postwar rib-side box cars produced by
should be aware that the model is royally screwed up and

It is unfortunate that these errors were made, especially as MILW
ribside car photos and plans aren't rare. A review of the test
shots of
the GN plywood side boxcar also reveal some egregious
again confusing, because photos of these cars aren't rare. IM is
supposed to be fixing them, but we will see. Makes me wonder what
covered hopper will look like.

Robert D. Heninger
Stanley, ND

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