Re: Buyer Beware: InterMountain Milwaukee Road Rib-Side Box Car

Charlie Vlk

I am not sure why the "Buyer Beware" tag on the subject..... beware of a car that hasn't hit the showing of test shots stage??
If the RUMORS are correct, the tooling you mention originates with the same guy who has been doing some of the
premier tookng work for a number of well-respected manufacturers.
Besides, given the criticism that greets any new product, regardless of what
importer or manufacturer and what toolmaker worked on the project.....does it make any difference who intitiated the tooling?
I don't think the Milwaukee Road Rib-Side Boxcar is one of the "floaters" that you allude to; I was at the Intermountain booth when
the prototype drawings were being handed off to Intermountain people a few years ago.
Unless they contracted an outside toolmaker it is in queue for their normal development process.
Charlie Vlk

Was this car actually cut/tooled by IM or are they using dies cut by
someone else? Seems like I have been hearing about some things like
this car, B&O Wagon, etc top that have been around for a couple of
years that were cut by someone with no production outlet/capacity.

Hope I am not starting another rumor, but only continuing one.

Bill Welch


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