Re: Buyer Beware: InterMountain Milwaukee Road Rib-Side Box Car

Carl J. Marsico <Carlmarsico@...>

It seems like the "understanding" is "throw on a bunch of stand-alone details, add DCC and sound (if applicable), and no matter how FUBAR the end result is, it will sell"

Jon Miller <atsf@...> wrote: All this and they won't even sell kits for the ATSF Caswell. I even
asked if they would put a dozen kits/sprues in a sack and quote me a price.
No response.
And to keep the gripe going I saw pictures of test shots of the (HO) FTs
a couple of years ago. Very nice but will they paint them in freight
colors, no, just another bunch of Warbonnets.
Where did the understanding of the hobby (their sales) go????

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