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Anyway, what did happen to the wood tank cars? Where they outlawed from
interchange service? Or was it a simple case of being made obsolete by
It is the tank, not the underframe that was wood. Redwood was commonly used
for vinegar.

Also Mogan David wines in Chicago, during the 1940's-1960's received tank
cars of a concentrate mixture from wineries in California. This mixture,
which was a thick syrupy substance, had a high alcohol content. I had
heard of it being refered to as a mixing brandy. It was used to enhance
the Mogen David wines in alcohol content as well as flavor. The Mogan
David wines were noted for their consistency in taste and alcohol content.
Having suffered thru the presentation and consumption of such dreck in my
youth (holiday dinners) I can say with some certainty that there was as great
a liklyhood of M.D. being mixed with gone-bad cough syrup as anything. Truely

Dave Nelson

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