Re: Buyer Beware: InterMountain Milwaukee Road Rib-Side Box Car

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On the subject of ribside cars... I've had one good review of the cars
from Ribside Cars. Wondering if anyone could give their opinions of it?


Frank Valoczy
Vancouver, BC
I have a couple of the double door cars, and the main shortcoming seems to be the
underframe, which is lacking detail. The body casting and roof are very nice, and seem to
be accurate. The (thankfully) separately molded details are overly thick, but will be easily
replaced. Also, I believe most if not all of these cars were equipped with Barber S-2
trucks, available from Branchline. In short, they seem to be a good basic shell that can be
improved into very nice models. See Richard Hendrickson's articles in the 12/04 and 3/06
RMJ for more information.

Robert D. Heninger
Stanley, ND

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