Re: Watermelon Cars


It should be kept in mind that these were convertible cars, in that they
had solid doors so that the car could be used as a standard boxcar in the
off-season. I've seen in conductors' books all manner of ladings for
ventilated cars. I'd suspect that after trucking became a significant
competitor for the transport of fruits, these cars were mostly used in
other service where a boxcar could be used.

Frank Valoczy
Vancouver, BC

Trucking put a big hurting on the trains. They could
load right in the fields and go straight to the market
without extra handling. Cheaper that way! Better
highways also hurt. I would think that your guess
would be rather close. Dennis
--- Jim Betz <> wrote:

When did watermelon cars stop being used? I would
-guess- some time not
long after WWII just based upon their design and the
introduction of produce
handling methods such as wooden bins and the general
use of cardboard for
so many different packing/packaging uses.

- Jim in San Jose

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