Re: ACL watermelon car


....The RMC article indicates there were some cars with one door and
others with 2. Which would car 18303 have been?


Others have answered your questions about car class, length, models,
etc. Regarding your question about the single door vs. two door
arrangement, the ACL O-17 17000-18000 series ventilated boxcars were
equipped with a solid door that opened to the right and a ventilated
door that opened to the left. The cars also had an upper and lower
Wine ventilator in the car ends. In the 1920s, the ACL selected 175
ventilated cars from the ACL O-17/C&WC O-13 classes and modified them
with a single ventilated door in which the ventilator could be opened
or closed as needed. There are drawings and photos of this door in one
of the Car Builders Cyclopedias - I believe the door design was
identified as the Kennedy Patent. At this time the lower Wine
ventilators in each end were removed. Cars equipped with the Kennedy
door/single end ventilators were renumbered in the 19000-19174 series.
The 19000 series cars remained on the roster until 1940 at which time
the Kennedy doors were removed and the cars were returned to their
original numbers and door and end ventilator configuration. This
information was obtained from Larry Goolsby's ACL&SALRRHS Lines South
article on ACL ventilated boxcars.

The Sunshine C&WC O-18 36-foot boxcar would be the best starting point
for modeling a 19000 series car. If anyone has an extra kit or two of
this out of production model that they are willing to sell, I'll pay
you top dollar! Thanks.

Buddy Hill
Ravenel, SC

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