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Ted Culotta <ted_culotta@...>

--- thompson@... wrote:
If the word "Simplex" is prominent on a truck,
make sure it is not the
bolster that is so labeled. The side frame is a
separate part produced by a
different company in general. Simplex bolsters were
used in many different
side frames over the years.
Funny that you mention it, because the photo that
Garth (I think it was Garth) referenced this AM was a
truck with Simplex on the sideframe, but it looked
like a T-section Vulcan to me, if there ever was such
a beast. I didn't say anything because I try to avoid
inserting foot into mouth (although I still may be
with that T-section Vulcan comment - I can't remember
if the journal boxes were integral or not).

Slinking for cover....


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