Re: NYCSHS "Central Headlight" 1970-74 Reprint

Jeff English


I can't answer that question right now because I lent my copy to my
brother. I'll see after I get it back. I have no recollection,
though, of anything particularly on the Penn Div., but then again, my
memory has proven not very reliable.

Jeff English
Troy, New York

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The most significant thing of interest to STMFC is the two-part
article on the history of the NYC oval herald as applied to
equipment. As such there are many photos of equipment to
various time periods of oval herald application, as well as a
comprehensive description of its history.


Is there anything on the NYC Pennsylvania Division? Of particular
are the branches serving, Mehaffey, Burnside, Cherry Tree, the
CT&D RR and
the mines in the area.

Rich Orr

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