Re: Army tanks on flats

Jeffrey White

Camp McCoy (now Ft McCoy) near Sparta had a large role during WWII and at the start of the Korean War. The Milwaukee Road runs right through South CP McCoy and there are spurs going to the warehouse area on main post. Somewhere I still have a 1:50,000 map with datum from the 1950s and it warns of 100 mph trains on the mainline.

The camp closed down as an active installation in Jan 53. However it continued to be a large reserve component training area often hosting up to 50,000 soldiers during the summer.

I don't know that year the Equipment Concentration Site was opened there, but they stored all kinds of heavy equipment for units to draw from so they didn't have to transport their own from home station.

I think that your loads would be appropriate for equipment enroute there.

See this link for more info on Camp McCoy.


andy.laurent wrote:

I wondered about this as well. During the Korean War, weren't the
primary US Army tanks in armored brigades the M4A4E8 (Easy 8) tanks?
Otherwise as Al says, would the M26 or M41 be the tank of choice for
our Korean War-era military trains?

I model a short cut of 2 flatcars with M7B2 Priest self-propelled
howitzers, which were used to support armored brigades. Call
them "replacement vehicles" instead of a full Army unit in transit. I
have a similar 1-car load of 2 Duece and a half trucks without
beds...also as refurbished replacements from stocks. Plausible in
Wisconsin in 1952?

Andy L.

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