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Didn't the M-59?all steel APC come in there in the 50s? The M-113 Aluminum APC was built in South Charleston, WV, by FMC near the C&O Elk yard in the 60s.

This is taxing my poor old brain.

Al Kresse

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"Of course, "units" rarely moved from stateside to foreign postings,
except during wartime. So a 1950s-era vehicle movement would have to be
set during the Korean War, or would be moving west as part of a joint
excersize at the National Training Center at Ft. Eustis, CA. And in
context, this single tank company would be moving as part of the tank
battalion or brigade."

I am sure the experts know more about this than I, but I am wondering
about fairly large shipments of tanks post- WWII and perhaps post-
Korea. I was part of the 2nd Armored Cav. in Germany in 1954 when our
flock of M-24 light tanks were replaced by M (at the time T-)41's. I am
guessing that they came as a consolidated shipment even though not part
of a "unit." A similar occurence happened when out half-tracks were
replaced by T-113 Armored Personnel Carriers.

Bob Gangwish

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