Re: Army tanks on flats

Pieter Roos

Here is a site listing armor used in the Korean war.

No M-41, at least not until the very end. M24 light tanks with 75mm
guns initially from Japanese occupation forces, then the M4A3 76mm
"Easy Eight" and Pershings. As others indicate, the Pershing DID see
WWII service, several hundred reaching Europe before VE day, although
how many saw action I don't know.

I wasn't sure how long the M7B2 remained in service, but my google
search turned up a repro maintenance manual originally from 1954, so
presumably it was still in use then.

Pieter Roos

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The M-26s with 90 mm guns might be more appropriate? Built very
late-WW2 but not used until the Korean War . . . along with the M-41
with 76 mm light tanks.

Al Kresse
I wondered about this as well. During the Korean War, weren't the
primary US Army tanks in armored brigades the M4A4E8 (Easy 8) tanks?
Otherwise as Al says, would the M26 or M41 be the tank of choice for
our Korean War-era military trains?

I model a short cut of 2 flatcars with M7B2 Priest self-propelled
howitzers, which were used to support armored brigades. Call
them "replacement vehicles" instead of a full Army unit in transit. I
have a similar 1-car load of 2 Duece and a half trucks without
beds...also as refurbished replacements from stocks. Plausible in
Wisconsin in 1952?

Andy L.

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