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There was an article in the September 1986 Mainline Modeler (Pages 76-79) by John Nehrich. The car was a converted 1920 10,000 Gal. Tank Car and was used to haul roofing shingle granules. Unfortunately, there were no decals available for this particular car. I had several sets custom made for this particular scheme by Kim at Champ and at that time the minimum was three sets at $15 sets plus the computer time to do the graphics. The bill was over $70. Champ still has the artwork, but they no longer do custom work or reprints since Richard Meyer passed away several years ago.

The tank was red, although it looks more of a faded red, almost pink in the color photos that I have seen. The Barrett logo was black with the Barrett name and the circle rim in silver as was the lettering on the tank body. There was a smaller circle logo on each end of the tank. It appears that the smaller lettering on the underframe and chutes were white.

In later years the car body color was changed to a medium gray with black lettering.

The plan was to use a Tichy 10,000 Gallon Tank car underframe, an Intermountain or Tichy car body and Cal-Scale tender water fill hatches that approximated the size and shape of the top hatches on the car. The dome would have to be removed, the opening closed and the discharge chutes scratch built and lettering sets pieced together for the smaller lettering beneath the car. Of course, if someone wanted to scratch build the tank, then the work of closing the manway opening in the top of the tank would be alleviated.

Barrett was a Division of Allied Chemical and Dye
Corporation. The car was given the classification "LO" by the AAR. The first 19 cars were built in the Barrett shops and the remaining 81 cars were built by Thrall Car Company. They were still in operation into the 60's and 70's. There are photographs of them in PRR trains enroute to the Barrett plant in Philadelphia.

Sometime in the future, I hope to tackle this project and see how it goes together.

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