Re: New coupler in sight?

Frank Pearsall

Good morning:

If you go to the Sergent Engineering web site, there is the following

"Sergent Engineering is currently retooling the HO scale product line.
We expect this retooling to improve reliability, ease of assembly, and
accuracy of the products. This operation has already been underway for
several months and is currently expected to be completed in May 2008.
Unfortunately, until then we will be out of stock on EC87 and EN87
products. Please keep an eye on this website for updated information."

Frank Pearsall
Brevard, N.C.

On Apr 23, 2008, at 4:53 AM, Manfred Lorenz wrote:

While I am converting my fleet to Sergents I still remember some faint
hints at a new, even more realistic coupler in the making (at whatever
state) by the Reboxx owner that were floated some time ago.


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