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Technically, the Proto 1000 model is incorrect for the model
referenced in your query. Marty's model of ACL 94231--seen at
ml --is a model of the ACL K-12 class cars. My notes about the K-12s
are as follows:

- ACL K-12 class, 40' composite-side gondola, class GB
- 700 cars from Bethlehem Steel, delivered 1943
- Series 93900 - 94599
- Composite-side construction (replaced with steel beginning in 1950),
wood floor
- A "war emergency" gondola; slightly higher/longer than K-11
- Features:
- IL: 41' 6", IH: 4' 8", 100K cap'y
- AB brakes and Miner brake wheel
- Dreadnaught ends (four corrugations with darts)
- Flat, all-steel underframe
- ARA trucks (ACL class T-9-D), 33" wheels
- Delivered in black with white lettering; Updated with Prismo blocks
after 1951're in luck. ACL acquired 500 USRA gondolas in 1918 (for
which the Proto 1000 model IS correct) and some of them--as many as
249--were still reported on the roster by 1950. ACL also acquired USRA
gondolas in 1946 with the AB&C merger and 141 of them were reported on
the roster in 1950. Here are my notes on the ACL cars:

- 40' Composite-side USRA gondola, Class GS
- 500 cars acquired new by ACL in 1918 from ACF
- No known ACL car class designation
- Most cars remaining after WW II rebuilt with steel sides; cars later
modified for stump service
- Features:
- IL: (41' 6"), IH: (4' 8"); 100,000 lbs. cap'y
- By 1949, all with AB brakes; Railway Devices Ratchet-lever brake
- Flat, all-steel underframe
- Only known ACL gondolas with Carmer uncoupling devices
- Andrews trucks (ACL class T-9-B), 33" wheels
- Black with white lettering

Photos of the ACL USRA cars circa 1950 are rare--if any exist I've
never seen them, and the Society doesn't have any either.

As far as your modeling goes, it's certainly within your right to
paint the models as K-12s, but I'd recommend painting them as ACL's
USRA cars or ACL's former-AB&C cars to make them more prototypically
accurate. The ACL & SAL Society has a newly-released AB&C decal set
that would work, and I can send you a photo of the prototype AB&C car
if you wish. I think it is plausible that a few cars were still in
AB&C paint in 1950. I also have a photo of an ACL USRA gon in later
years with steel sides--you may be able to approximate ACL's 1950
paint scheme from that photo.

John Golden
Bloomington, IN

--- In STMFC@..., "fiddlertrain" <fiddlertrain@...> wrote:

I was admiring Marty McGuirk's F&C ACL gon on the old SEFC web site
I accquired 2. My question is i model 1950 and I had gotten2 proto
gons that were painted box car red. I upgraded them with wood
planking and grab iron but his is painted black. For 1950 which
be correct? By the way nise job Marty.
Fidel C. Goodnight

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