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Did any of this series ever wear any of these paint
schemes? I have a 1955 builder photo of GN #3000 with
a large goat emblem on the right side of the car...

Tim O'Connor
Yes, they did. They were part of the infamous "Circus Train" of
experimental paint schemes the GN applied to ten boxcars in 1956. The
following link is to scans of GNRHS postcards that were available
many years ago, and are now sold out.

If I remember correctly, the 3000 series are more accurately modeled
by replacing the doors (with 7' and 8' YSD), roof and ends, and
revising the sidesills of the Athearn "grain loading" boxcar. This
shell has the diagonal rivet line running from the top of the door to
the lower corner of the first side panel, on either side of the
doors. I am not sure what tooling Athearn is using for these cars, it
doesn't seem to be new, and I don't think any other HO model has this
rivet line present. However, the most difficult part of modeling
these cars is of course the lettering, which is unavailable in decal
form. I also don't know when or if these cars were repainted into the
GN boxcar scheme du jour. The GN must be the only railroad where you
can find photos of a single class of boxcars with about 10
significantly different P&L styles.

Robert D. Heninger
Stanley, ND

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