Re: tanks on flatcars one more time - M113s this time

Raymond Young


Gene's answer is correct for 1951. Our unit arrived in Gemany and was filled with tanks, trucks, jeeps, etc from the depot with only the USA number painted on the vehicle. The company numbers were assigned at the company level and applied by the company personnel.

Virgil Young
Amarillo, TX

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Speaking only about the period 1960 through 1987 Army vehicles
always* got there "bumper" numbers when they finally reached the
company-level unit. The serial number came from depot or maybe
higher. Flats loaded with vehicles with minimal markings would be OK.

(* - the absolute "always" should probably be qualified in some way
because someone somewhere will find an exception.)

Gene Green
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If VN-era photos are indicators, then here are my observations:
Pix of M113s on TTX flats (4 each) show tarps on their tops and only
marked US Army, then a number. This was on their sides, on the top
corner of with the front slope. They apparently got their markings
at their deployment site.

Al Kresse

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Guys, I've got the book "Marine Tank Battles of the Korean War". It
is full of photos of the late model Sherman tanks in action along
side the new M26.

The author states that the Sherman tanks were, also, the 1st on the
scene as they were already in Japan. Also, a large number of half
tracks with the quad 50 cals were used.

I, also, have photos of these late model (M4A3 with the VVHS
suspension) which had both 76mm in the T26 turret and the 105mm guns
on flatcars leaving a camp in Georgia. I have been unable in finding
out "just" which camp, although. A few guys think it must have been
Ft. Benning.

Any way, the photos show one tank per flatcar. Two flats are
clearly visible and a third flat has two trucks (2 1/2 ton).

One thing that I can't determine from my own photos or the ones in
the book, is the lettering on the equipment. I'd like to be able to
read the division, company and such.

The books photos are shots made "in action" so the only thing that
is not covered up by mud or stowed equipment is the tanks number.

Could some of you help me with the proper designation "lettering"
for my tanks and trucks.

I'm wanting my equipment to represent the 2nd Marines which carried
on a large part of the 1st battles of Korea.


Don Worthy

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