Re: ATSF 143311 to 144310 Class Bx37

Charlie Vlk

Thanks for the leads.
Charlie Vlk
Railroad Model Resources

Richard's book is on my shopping list, but I don't have it yet. FWIW,
I know of two photos of the slogan side of this number series,
published in magazines:

A.T.S.F. 143315 is shown in RMJ 1/96, pp48-49 (a yard shot ca 1945).
Slogan: "The Grand Canyon Line". Big "Grand Canyon", small
script "The" above, small script "Line" below.

A.T.S.F. 143510 is shown in RP CYC 4, p14 (builder's photo '41). Same
slogan and graphics as A.T.S.F. 143510 just described. On the same
page is a shot of the map side of A.T.S.F. 143798, with straight-line

All three cars have periods in the reporting marks.

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.


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