Re: USRA G.E.T stenciled boxcars

Brian J Carlson <brian@...>

Al and Richard thanks.

Were they stored at the car Builder's or did the government send them to
yards for storage. So any of those Westerfield/Tichy/Im Tichy RTR cars
lettered G.E.T. should be stored on a siding and not running in revenue
service. I realize westerfield doesn't offer this scheme but some could
paint one up.

The G.E.T. cars were so stenciled to show ownership until the USRA
could persuade some railroad to accept (and pay for) them. They
were stored until a buyer was found, then re-stenciled with the
reporting marks and numbers of the buyer, so they never operated in
revenue service as G.E.T. cars.
Brian carlson

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