Re: "The Postwar Freight Car Fleet" - where to get a copy

Rob M.

Thanks! I remember seeing it there a while ago also, but I don't
need it $250 bad.

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Might be out of luck as the NMRA is sold out as well. Check Ebay or

Robert Federle
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Anyone know where there might be remaining a copy of Ted
C's "The
Postwar Freight Car Fleet" that I could purchase?

A while ago I emailed Speedwich but got no reply. I'm guessing
spam filter saw the "Rule292" name and considered it spam.

They are sold out at Speedwich. About two weeks ago there was
one on used for $250.00. (I remember think "glad I ordered
it early".) It is
gone now but you may want to check there occasionally. Other
than that used
book dealers are your best bet.

Rich Orr

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