Re: Any recommendations for a B&O M-15E boxcar red shade?

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I don't know if you all were aware of this, so it may bear repeating; I
believe Misters Pat Wider, Ed Hawkins, and et al., published an article in
one of the early RPCyCs on BoxCar Painting and Lettering that had info from
AC&F files on what the RRs (B&O included) wanted their box cars painted, with
some model RR paint formulae attached. You may get some ideas from that
excellent article.

Elden Gatwood


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B&O boxcar color changed from a chocolate brown to a bright red oxide
about 1946. It may have coincided with the "linking 13 great
states" herald and lettering.

So if you are lettering this car with the Kuhler (plain) B&O dome
herald or no herald, it would be a medium chocolate brown. If you
are weathering, the ATSF mineral brown has some merit as a base
color. This B&O color faded and weathered quickly.

If your car will have the 13 great states herald, it would be a
bright oxide red. Scalecoat red oxide is great, Floquil zinc
chromate (not oxide) acceptable.

Research on B&O boxcar colors is ongoing in the absence of several
company memos that would reveal all, if found.

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Am finishing up a number of Westerfield kits I've had in various
stages of completion and am starting to finish the B&O M-15E. I'm
spraying Floquil's reds (ATSF Mineral Brown, BCR and zinc oxide) and
would appreciate any recommendations as to what color the B&O would
have painted this car. I'm modeling the early 1950's so the car
have shown heavy use by this date but I want to try and get the base
color close. Thanks - Charlie

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