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Thanks Ben and Garth for the information. I ordered the back issue.
Fidel Goodnight

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Let me add that most Virginian cars were never relettered N&W (if
any at
all were). A few were still rolling with their original paint in
when I first moved to Virignia. A few even lasted into the early
NS era.
Of course, that is well past our time frame. F.C. would be better
to buy
a few Athearn cars lettered for Virginian and mix them with his
N&W stock.

Kind regards,

Garth G. Groff

benjaminfrank_hom wrote:
F. C. Goodnight asked:
"I just accquired 6 different numbers of the old Stewart, now
55 ton hoppers. I like them because they are short and I think
make the train look longer when it goes by. Are they

Not exactly, but they can easily be modified to more closely
the N&W cars. The Stewart/Bowser fishbelly twin is a model of a
Western Maryland car, and has several detail differences from
Class HL, including grabs instead of ladders and different end
verticals. See Bob Chapman's "Modeling An N&W Coal Train, Part
HL's and H-9's" in the October 2005 issue of Mainline Modeler.
issues are still available from the publisher at

"I know from the old Wallace and Wiley N&W book that the old
[sic] blue box version is close."

Take anything from Wallace and Wiley with a grain of salt, as it
written for a much more forgiving era of model railroading and
contains some gaping holes in information. The cars that the
twin most closely match were NOT originally N&W cars, but were
acquired with the takeover of the Virginian. Originally
Class H-8, these became N&W Class H-28. The Athearn car is NOT
match for any of the N&W fishbelly twins.

Ben Hom

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