10K Gallon AC&F Type 11 tanks

Rob Kirkham <rdkirkham@...>

Thanks Garth - that is instructive compared to what I was able to do taking proportions and known measurements off photos and other sources.

This dome diameter issue is not as easy as I'd like.

Tonight I worked through 8 sources to get a sense of the variation. Using callipers and peering into the shadows of photos I measured the tank diameter at the centre line of the domes, and then the dome diameter. It is an imprecise approach, but the only one I have. Here are the results:

CP 389593 is approx. - 50 3/4"

F&C model is approx. - 44 1/2"

CP 89647 (pre re-numbering) is approx. - 44 1/4"

Type 7/11 p.219 Kaminski "Tank Cars" - approx. 47 2/3" (but drawings without measurements can't be trusted!)

CP 300901 is approx - 44"

CP 300900 is approx. - 47.87"

CP 389489 is approx - 49"

CP 89717 (pre re-numbering) is approx. 45 1/3"

Lots of room for error in these measurements. I suppose I could assume 44" or 47" is correct.

Rob Kirkham

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