Re: Athearn/Roundhouse pickle cars

Richard Townsend

Cyril Durrenberger asked recently about the forthcoming
Athearn/Roundhouse pickle car. I don't have answers to his
questions, but today I did run across a list I made a long time ago
of all the wooden tank cars (TW) listed in the 1/59 ORER. I'm
sharing it here for what it is worth. There were 248 cars listed, of
which 75 were called out as pickle cars, 38 were called out as
vinegar cars, 3 were "vat" cars, and 132 were called out just as tank
cars. It is likely that some of the cars just called tank cars were
pickle cars. All of the owners listed by Roundhouse had wooden tank
cars, and some had cars specifically called out as pickle cars, but I
have no idea regarding the specifics of the cars.

H.J. Heinz 11 pickle cars
" 16 vinegar cars
Standard Brands 85 tank cars
Bloch & Guggenheimer 3 pickle cars
Bond Pickle Co. 1 pickle car
Brown-Miller Co. 9 pickle cars, steel underframe
Budlong Pickle Co. 7 tank cars
Dyson's Ltd. 2 tank cars
The Finley Co., Inc. 6 tank cars
L.C. Forman & Sons 1 tank car
Glasser Crandal Co. 1 pickle car
Green Bay Food Co. 4 pickle cars
Hinkley & Schmidt 3 tank cars
Hirsch Bros. & Co. 12 tank cars
Hunt Foods, Inc. 1 vinegar car
Jewett & Sherman Co. 3 "vat" cars
Libby McNeill & Libby 9 pickle cars
" 2 vinegar cars
Latz & Schramm, Inc. 4 tank cars
HW Madison Co. 7 pickle cars
Monarch Foods 6 tank cars
National Fruit Product 2 vinegar cars
Perfect Packed Products 11 pickle cars
Richter Vinegar Corp 7 vinegar cars
William B Riley Co. 5 tanks
Speas Co. 10 tanks
Squire Dingee Co 10 pickle cars
M Steffen & Co 1 tank
H. Thiessen Pickle Co. 2 tanks
W&W Pickle Co. 5 pickle cars, steel underframe
Western Food Products Co 2 pickle tanks

We'll see what emailing does to the formatting. Upon departure the
list was perfectly alligned and had no question marks in it.

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