Re: Rivet/weld detail "decals"


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Thanks, Walt. An interesting looking product; I'll give them a try.
It looks like most of the items are meant for larger scales (1/32 and
1/48), but hopefully the "small" rivets are suitable for HO. John
specifically mentioned those, and he works in HO. So here's hoping.

Going back to the Archer site: "SURFACE DETAILS 1; Small
rivet/fastener heads; Various scales .008, .011, .014 diameter"

Those would scale out to roughly .700, .96, and 1.2 scale inches in HO.

The sheets are a bit pricey, (they don't say how many sheets per
package, so I'm assuming ONE) but may be worth it if they are more
uniform and easier to use than other "riveting" methods like using
individual rivets taken from other cars.

Walt Lankenau

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