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George Hollwedel

MT makes both Youngstown and 7 panel Superior in the 6' size for the 40' PS-1's.

Prototype N Scale Models (TM)
by George Hollwedel
310 Loma Verde St
Buda, TX 78610-9785

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Guess I wasn't specific enough - for purposes of this
clinic, just 40'

But... the info re: MicroTrains is good - I couldn't
tell from the
description whether the "standard" boxcar was a
PS-1. Are there
various Superior (6- and 7-panel) and Youngstown doors
available? I
can't tell from the MT web-site whether they sell doors


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Actually, there are more N Scale 40'
"PS1" cars on the market than
stated so far...
Atlas (ex-"kit" now Trainman car)
Aurora Postage Stamp/MiniTrix
Model Power / China
LifeLike (temporary use of MiniTrix shell)
Micro-Trains (only accurate body height car)
Also, since the length wasn't specified, there are
several 50' "PS1"
cars as well-
Atlas (Roco)
MiniTrix (Roco)
MicroTrains (accurate body height cars in several door
Athearn (accurate cars in different door
configurations than M-T)

Charlie Vlk

There are two "PS-1s" on the market in N
scale - an old Atlas model
which frankly leaves a lot to be desired and the
"Standard" Micro-
Trains 40-foot boxcar. The M-T box is a very good
representation of
a 40-foot PS-1 - and the doors are interchangeable.



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