Double-Deck Wooden Stock Cars

Paul Hillman

I have John White's, "The American Railroad Freight Car", book,
covering wooden freight cars, "until the coming of steel", but found
no description of how the upper deck of double-deck stock cars was

Wikipedia, "Stock Car(Rail)", shows a diagram of, US Patent 106,887,
(C.1890's) by Mr. Zadok Street, where apparently several, vertical-
posts support the upper floor from the lower car-floor.

Was this the "standard" way developed/followed in wooden stock cars
for supporting the upper decking, and also in the supporting of
removeble upper floors? Were there sometimes vertical supports up to
the roof members?

"2 inch" boards couldn't just be attached to the car-side boards and
support the "critters" weight in the middle of the car.

I find no photos showing stockcar interiors as how supported.

Trying to do an accurately detailed, double-deck, wooden stock car.

Thanks, Paul Hillman

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