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charles slater

Andy it was Sunshine Models that made the Sk-Z kit 69.5 and Sk-4 kit 69.6 and not Westerfield.
Charlie Slater

To: STMFC@yahoogroups.comFrom: asperandeo@mrmag.comDate: Thu, 15 May 2008 09:31:04 -0500Subject: Re: [STMFC] Re: Double-Deck Wooden Stock Cars

Hello Paul,The Santa Fe used a couple of different methods for supporting the upper decks in its convertible double-deck stock cars. In classes Sk-Q and -S, built by the Pennsylvania Car Co. in 1928 and 1929, there was an extra-wide "slat," actually a square timber, at mid-height on each side of the car. The upper deck, when lowered by a manually operated chain mechanism on the left side of the cars, rested on these square timbers. When the deck was raised it was held by the ratchets in the chain mechanism, which was sufficient as the deck wasn't carrying a load. These cars are represented by the InterMountain HO models, but the side slat arrangements are the same as for the single-deck models and so incorrect for the Sk-Q and -S cars. Sunshine Models has Sk-Q and -S kits with the correct slat arrangement.The stock cars rebuilt from double-sheathed automobile cars with channel side posts, classes Sk-Z (1941-2) and Sk-4 (1950-1), had similar square slats for mid-car supports. They also had adjustable stops in the channel side posts for upper deck positions higher than the mid-car height. Their upper decks were also raised and lowered with a chain mechanism. Westerfield has kits for HO models of these cars.For more on these cars, see Frank Ellington's book, "Stock Cars of the Santa Fe Railway" -- copies may still be available at long,AndyAndy SperandeoExecutive EditorModel Railroader magazineasperandeo@mrmag.com262-796-8776, ext. 461FAX 262-796-1142

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