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Having worked at Life-Like and later Walthers, I can say your statements
below are not factual. It may be that someone in the employ of those companies
made the statements you are claiming as facts, but if so, they were not being
factual themselves. During my tenure and up to my leaving about a year ago,
R&D, not sales, had the final say. The DGLE was darkened considerably during
the time I was there. To call any of the PRR Heritage steam locomtives forest
green is inaccurate. They appear black except under strong light.
Larry Grubb

First, the information came from several people in R&D. They are totally
frustrated with the situation. They do the research, get it right and sales
changes it because of what they think will sell. This not only includes paint
schemes but road names. Then when they don't sell of course it is R&D's

Because sales didn't think they would sell, we don't have the PRR X29b or
X29d. The PRR L1s project was killed by sales based on a statement by one
misinformed modeler.

Second, I can show you at least a dozen P2k GP7, GP9 and FA's that are
forest green. I even found the matching paint made by a small manufacturer in
Baltimore. They are no where near black and I am looking at them in normal room

Rich Orr

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