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Could I get a ruling on the exchange between Rich &
If I am a thin-skinned guy who is interfering with the
free flow of information on this site, let me know and
I will apologize. If this site is not the correct
forum to broadly insult manufacturers by comparing
them to ill-trained dogs and spreading the rumor that
a certain manufacturer has discontinued it's previous
practice of selecting prototypes based on an analysis
of costs vs. expected sales volume and has replaced
that process with one that consists of seeking out a
single uninformed modeler to make the decision as to
how to invest a half a million dollars, please let
Rich know.
Larry Grubb

I have no intention of continuing this conversation. It does not belong on
this list and the best we will ever achieve is to agree to disagree because
we are approaching the subject from two very different paradigms.

Rich Orr

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