Re: Weathering of loads

Dennis Storzek

--- In STMFC@..., James Eckman <ronin_engineer@...> wrote:

Do I dare point out that the green at the store will differ from
it's appearance under layout lighting? <vbg>

I don't know, the research material is so expensive, maybe someone can
buy one and report back to the group ;)


They will be the wrong bananas :-( Just like most everything else we
discuss, the type of banana imported has changed since the era of
interest to this list. I quote from Wikipedia:

"The commercial dessert cultivars most commonly eaten in temperate
countries (species Musa acuminata or the hybrid Musa × paradisiaca, a
cultigen) are imported in large quantities from the tropics. They are
popular in part because, being a non-seasonal crop, they are available
fresh year-round. In global commerce, by far the most important of
these banana cultivars is 'Cavendish', which accounts for the vast
bulk of bananas exported from the tropics. The Cavendish gained
popularity in the 1950s after the previously mass produced cultivar,
Gros Michel, became commercially unviable due to Panama disease, a
fungus which attacks the roots of the banana plant."

Now, I'm not saying that bananas weren't shipped green, and I'm not
saying that the color of the Cavendish" banana is any different than
the Gros Michel, but just like paint colors, one can't use present day
products to substantiate what things looked like a half a century ago. :-)


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