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cj riley wrote:
The true membership has hovered in the area of 20,000 for many years.
"In the area" is a little misleading. Last I heard (a few months ago) it's currently below 16,000.
But that's not the real point. Participation in NMRA events has fallen steadily for at least a decade. It's now considered a good national NMRA convention when attendance is above 1000. Back in 1990, at the Pittsburgh National with which CJ is quite familiar, we were just a hair below 3000 attendees. That sounds like something from Mars to today's convention committees.
This discussion started with standards, which for the NMRA is about like talking about Detroit automakers selling nearly all cars sold in America. For many reasons, including legal fears (realistic or not), organizational disarray, and lack of will, sometimes even lack of interest, the NMRA has done virtually NOTHING on this subject for many years. The singular and often trumpeted DCC standard is really the exception that proves the rule. And it won't even be that if said standard cannot keep up with evolving technology.

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