Re: anthracite hoppers/ MP large Buzzsaw scheme


1) The coal in the MP hoppers going to Kaiser in San Bernardino before
1958 or so came from mines served by the MP in Arkansas, including
Peerless and the Excelsior mine in Excelsior Arkansas. Kaiser Steel
mixed in about 16% Arkansas medium volatility coal in with the high
volatility coal from Sunnyside mine on the DRGW in Utah to achieve a
mix that was better for coking.

2) Some of the cars used were generally of the same pattern as the
Stewart/Bowser or Accurail AAR 1934 tripple offset hoppers, and to the
Athearn 1926 quad offset hopper.

3) Mopac dropped the spelled out name well before 1950, added the
Eagle slogan in 1949 with the delivery of the triple offsets, and then
switched to a brown scheme with no slogan and the large buzzsaw circa

Olin Dirks
Omaha NE

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