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Malcolm Laughlin <mlaughlinnyc@...>

Were the bananas ever handled in express reefers on
passenger trains, the way many fresh fruit crops were?

Tim O'Connor

I've never heard of that, and it seems unlikely due to the nature of the traffic flow. They were shipped in large volumes at (relatively) infrequent intervals from a few ports. I don't know this, but one can reason that a lot of them must have been kept at refrigerated warehouses located conveniently for truck shipment to the grocery stores. The reason I say that is that bananas were IIRC a usual item to be found in supermarkets, and I doubt their availability to the consumer had the kind of peaks that boat arrivals represented, i.e., that you could have found bananas in a store in Detroit only if it was three days after the ship arrived at Weehawken.

Besides bananas although heat sensitive were not such a valuable commodity as to bear the additional expense of the express reefer mode of transportation.

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