Re: Trap boxcars?

Malcolm Laughlin <mlaughlinnyc@...>

In the 1/53 ORER there is an entry for the CNW, numbers 15856 aand 15880
labelled "Box, Trap". What does this mean?

Frank Valoczy
Vancouver, BC
These were cars used between a warehouse and the freight house to move
LCL traffic.
The CNW cars were used in the Chicago area. (Think Sears)
The C&NWHS did mention these cars, b ut I do not remember what issue

Something doesn't ring true here. Trap cars moved LCL between the railroad's LCL facility and any customer large enough to get a certain minimum number of shipments/tonnage. Any ordinary box car could be used. It's hard to imagine any being assigned to that service, and it was illegal to assign general service cars to specific customers.

Seems to me that assigned box cars would also be contradictory to the usual method of freight house operation. Most lilely there was, for example, a specific spot in the freight house for shipments to Sears, andother for Marshall Fields, etc. Now think about telling the yardmaster that a certain box car must go to a specific spot of the 100 possible spots or telling that LCL foreman that the car to be loading for Sears is at spot 41B instead of 12A.

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