Re: Not boxcar red but Georgia RR cars instead...


On the subject of Georgia RR boxcars - yeah, I knew about the silver and
black cars - I've been planning on building one of them for a while now.

Specifically, I'd like to build one of the 29300-29449 series cars, with
the vertical outside bracing kinda reminescent of some modern boxcars.
I've got a photo and of course the ORER dimensions, but am wondering if
anyone knows of better information, from which a good model could be
built? Failing that I can work with what I've got to make a
looks-good-enough model, but of course would prefer for something more
accurate than that if at all possible.

Frank Valoczy
Vancouver, BC

One Christmas many years ago, my well-meaning wife gave me an HO Tichy
kit for the Georgia RR steel-sided USRA box rebuild (I know about the
roof being wrong--it's nagging the hell out of me!!), which I'm sure
the hobby store was glad to get rid of. Southern US roads' cars are
not that popular in the Toronto area.

Alas, I model a line that had just about any road's cars used for grain
when the grain was running. I have copies of the ledgers from a major
online elevator to prove it. And the Georgia RR started to repaint
these cars some kind of, perhaps like, could be described as, that evil
(wait for it) "boxcar red" in 1954. I used Scalecoat Red #2, and
fitted it with Andrews trucks.

So, comments on my choice of paint colour, trucks, and the roof are
most welcome, as I'd like to build the model accurately.

With some trepidation,

Steve Lucas.

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Silver and black Georgia Group cars! (GA/A&WP/WofA)

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.


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