Re: Munsell Book of Color... Try interlibrary loan

Charlie Duckworth <trduck@...>

A mere $625. It doesn't surprise me, when I had to buy a Pantone book
The search goes on.
Dennis - I've checked out the Munsell book several times through
Interlibrary loan and copied the pages I was interested in on a color
copier. While I didn't have the originals the color copies met my own
needs. Ray Rimmell (Albatros Prubications) has published over 100
Datafiles on WWI aircraft and began using the Munsell system to
describe British PC10 (brown dope) and German greens and mauves when he
fist started. While not a perfect system he at least allow modelers to
get a close range than merely describing a 'dark green'. It would be
helpful if we have a list of railroads and Munsell codes so one could
at least know what BCR to mix for a railroad they weren't familiar
with. I am wanting to build a CoG 40' automobile boxcar and would like
to be somewhat close in my color choice and a Munsell code would


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