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Steve Thorning <thorning@...>

There are still firms producing prefab houses, though shipping by rail probably ended decades ago.

The big one in Canada is Halliday Homes:

The company website has a history section:
but they don't mention when rail shipping ended.

I'm sure there are other prefab house manufacturers in the US that are still in business. Halliday in Ontario was a major outfit in the 1950s. Many folks are surprised to hear that they are still in business Their designs are much fancier than the "plain box" stles of 50 years ago. Perhaps someone interested could contact them to see if they have anything in their records about shipping by rail.

Steve Thorning

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A few years ago, twenty, Ohio Magazine had an article
about the Sears homes. The article showed a boxcar
which had the owner unloading it to a truck.
They had a few styles.

One member of a church had one in Shelby, Ohio.

Sincerely, Mark

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Sears produced "kits" for entire homes from 1908
thru 1940. There are
several publications on the history of the
production. Has anyone here examined
any of these? Is the history of shipment by
railroads covered within?

I am interested in the plant location(s) as well as
shipping points and
would be grateful for any shared thoughts.


Guy Wilber
West Bend, WI

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