Erie Reverse Buckeye boxcar ends


Erie 40 ft, 10ft4in IH steel boxcars 96700-96899, built by Magor in
1936 had an unusual end referred to as a "Reverse Buckeye end." I'm
wanting to model a couple of these cars in their later incarnation as
NP 38760-38999. I have enough material gathered to ascertain that in
NP service these cars (at least some of them) retained their original
ends and Viking roofs, and in some cases their early Youngstown
(Camel?) 5/6/5 doors. Two modeling-related questions:

1) Before I plunge into an anticipated scratchbuild of these ends,
anyone know if some Erie niche modeler has already built HO scale
masters and had them cast in resin? As far as I have been tell it
appears these cars and ends haven't been available commercially in kit
or parts form.

2) Anyone know a source for these early 5/6/5 doors in HO?

Finally, if anyone knows the date A.A. Morrison Co. acquired these
cars from the E-L, I'm interested (leased to the NP in 1962). Thanks,

Chris Frissell
Polson, MT

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