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The mainstream means of automobile transporting out of the assembly plants in the 1950's was still auto-rack box cars. They were beginning to use direct haul truck tractor (cab over engine) and trailers in the early 1950s. There were a few (two or three? GTW, PRR? others?) experimental flat cars with Evans Products racks made in the mid-1950s. The C&O made up drawings and got patents in 1956 but didn't appear to have made any six-auto, double deck 56-ft flat cars. The 85-ft TOFs (two truck trailers) showed up in the late 50s. Direct drive up the end with ramps flat cars with racks didn't become popular in the assembly plants until the mid 60s. If you can go back to 1900 you can find 36-ft wooden flat cars with wooden side rails/guides to ship buggies and carriages on.

Al Kresse

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I'd like to model one of these as an early TOFC load, but can't seem to find any plans.

Has anyone here got a set that would look right for mid-50's?

Brian Ehni

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