Re: Houston Roundhouse Closing

Paul Hillman


Yes, it used to be the Bellaire Roundhouse, but he moved, I don't know, maybe 10 years ago, to South Main in Houston, and called it the, "Houston Roundhouse". The store is much bigger now than when on (& in) Bellaire.

If you have a Houston map, the store is at where Main Street intersects the southern (east-west bound) part of the 610 Loop.

Paul Hillman

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> Chris, would that be the same hobby shop that I
> always
> made a point to get to, if I had a rental car
> whenever
> I was there on the job, in Bellaire, and it used to
> be
> called Bellaire Roundhouse? I think that main street
> nearby was Bellaire Blvd., and it was not that far
> from the Galleria, which I would stop at on the same
> trip? Mike in St. Petersburg Fla.

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