Re: Furniture Boxcars & AAR Mechanical Designations

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There is no XF type listing in the 1953 or 1972 ORER's. I think
the large "XF" stencil used by Santa Fe and a few other roads was
more in the way of "advertising" and was not an AAR car type. If
"XF" morphed, it morphed into XL or XM.

In the 1932 car code list, XF was a furniture car. In the 1958 list it did not appear. In the 1987 list it is ahown as a car "specially prepared with a U.S.F.D.A. approved white epoxy or other ... coating... " "Intended for the loading of food and other high-class lading."

Here is a link to a pdf file with those three years. -

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