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I was contemplating whether to try something like that with
one of Ted Culotta's Wabash single sheathed box cars....

I'm not sure what you plan to do, exactly. What I used the Bare-
Metal for was to simulate sheet steel welded onto the lower part of a
car side to replace rusted-out material. I'm thinking of using it to
make new roof "panels" for a "welded roof" to replace the one on the
Tichy Georgia RR steel-sided USRA boxcar rebuild.

But, how did you plan to use the foil on the Wabash car? Looks
interesting, and I'm ALWAYS interested in new techniques.

Steve Lucas.

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I used Bare-Metal foil to add "new steel" to a Westerfield CASO
boxcar, using this photo for reference.

After painting the car with Scalecoat #2 Red Oxide, I was very
pleased with the effect created by using this foil. The stuff is
about .001-.002" thick.

Steve Lucas.

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