Re: New Standards for Freight Cars Models

cj riley <cjriley42@...>

Mike Brock wrote:

industrious folks spend their time studying color [ gasp ]
because I'm going
to use RP-25 Code 110 wheels because my 55 hand built
turnouts are built to
match such wheel profiles on the locos used to pull frt

You are fortunate that tou hand laid your track. Di Voss, the standards chair, has been testing all the manufactured turnouts and NONE meet the standards. He has realized that the system in general often specifies minimum and maximum dimensions where the manufacturer chooses that number as his target and manufacturing tolerances cause variations. He is currently working on revisions stating a firm dimension with +- tolerances to make compliance more likely.

But, like axle lengths etc., the dies are in place and not likely to change soon.

CJ Riley

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