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I am working on a Sunshine kit for the above mentioned car and have a
question. The car has the replacement Murphy panel steel roof.

When this roof was added, would the brake equipment have been upgraded
to the AB system at the same time? Would the handbrake have been
changed to the power type?

Hello Dave,

According to the Jan 1, 1951 ATSF Freight Car Folio, there were 343
live Rr-7 reefers. Of those, 335 had steel riveted ("Murphy") and 8
had outside flexible metal roofs. All are listed as having Ureco hand
brake but no notation of "AB" brakes having been installed. Of
course, cars did receive AB brakes yet retain their Ureco vertical
staff mechanism as documented by a photo in the Santa Fe Reefer Book.

The Santa Fe Reefer Book mentions six Rr-7 cars still in need of AB
brakes as of December 1, 1952 - with plans to replace them by end of
the year. It also states that AB brakes and Ajax power hand brakes
were "frequently" applied when the Murphy roofs were installed, but
not always.

Hope this helps,
John Hile
Blacksburg, VA

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