Re: New Standards for Freight Cars Models


I dont mean to butt in here however as I see it we pretty much do that now. The thing is my standards may not suit the next guy and vise versa. We already choose what is suitable to our needs and either purchase the item and make refinements to reach our standad or we leave it on the shelf and go back home (so to speak).

Setting our own standards to print and trying to get a manufacturer to comply would be a large task. Then you have one manufacturer with this standard and onother with something different. I dont see what this would accomplish except go backwards.

I think we can influence change by supplying the manufacturer with hard data and information. Standards are not obligatory. The B&O have some really nice F7s coming and that was due to supplying good information and much discussion on members parts that wanted something more accurate. This would be meet better than issuing and trying to enforce additional standards.

Just my 2 cents and sorry for intruding.

Robert Federle
---- Kurt Laughlin <fleeta@...> wrote:

You are missing my point altogether: If the existing organization
won't do what you think is necessary come up with your
own "Standards". Why bother with an organization at all? I would
think there are enough people here with enough influence and
credibility to get the manufacturers _that matter_ to make things
that are interoperable. What difference does the letterhead on the
spec sheet make so long as the things that the Serious Scale Modelers
want are getting done?


--- In STMFC@..., Anthony Thompson <thompson@...> wrote:

Kurt, how little you know of the background of this issue.
of us, including Richard Hendrickson particularly, as well as me,
actually volunteered to the NMRA standards people to help. You can
judge from the tone of our remarks how far that's gotten.
With an organization, one cannot simply "do standards
yourself," particularly if the organization is bureaucratic, quite
political, and tending toward hardening of the arteries.

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