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Kurt Laughlin <fleeta@...>

Mid-43 was about the time that the Ordnance Department took over
vehicle procurement from the Quartermaster Corps. The QMC was much
more tolerant of that than OCO-D. (QMC era parts manuals were
essentially civilian manuals with new covers while the Ord era manuals
were definitely G.I.)

War Department packaging, however, was pretty non-descript overall from
what I've seen. A brandname marking would be better classified
as "possible", rather than "plausible", in my opinion. In any case I
think the HRPOE photos referenced in other messages show pre-43 packing
and shipping and would be good guides for modeling.

Regarding nameplates, yes they would have the manufacturer's name and
perhaps even logo on them. However, remember that the Navy Department
was not the War Department, so virtually nothing was common between the
two! Even the War Dept. (Army) was splintered, with Army Air Forces
using different procurement practices from the Army Service Forces and
the six supply services within ASF having their own procedures as
well. It's surprising anything got done.


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Actually, at least early production Ford GPW's ("Jeeps") had the Ford
script stamped into the rear body panel much like a pick-up truck until
(I think) mid 1943,

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